Kate McKay is the owner of
Kate McKay Designs.  
She resides in
annapolis, Maryland
with her husband, kevin,
and two children,
olivia and reese.

Reflecting on my childhood, I can clearly remember always wanting to decorate, paint, organize and design in some way shape or form. Maybe because I was naturally called to do so or perhaps it was a result of sharing a bedroom with my sister and always trying to claim our space in our tiny corridors. My love to decorate and rearrange spilled over into our childhood home, my friends’ bedrooms, and then into college when I lived on my own.

After graduating from University of Maryland where I spent a large amount of time as a theatre performance major on/off stage and behind the scenes constructing sets and repurposing salvaged finds, my boyfriend (now husband) and I bought our first home. Graduation of course was amazing and so were the college loans I was left to pay. Yikes! With enormous college debt, fresh in the corporate world, I leaned on my love for art, design and repurposing to furnish our empty home. My first yard sale adventure with my mother in law back in 2008 was only just the beginning as I was hooked instantly and I’ve been flipping, repurposing, sewing and styling homes ever since.

With words of encouragement, a swift kick of confidence from close friends and family and my little’s, Olivia & Reese who continue to motivate me, I turned my hobby into reality when I launched Kate McKay Designs in 2013. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect.  Less than a year later I was contacted by Extreme Home Makeovers with Nate Berkus (yes, as in The NATE BERKUS) to refurbish furniture and make custom drapes for a makeover in my hometown of Maryland that was being renovated and filmed for Oprah Winfrey’s close friend Iyanla Vanzant on the OWN Network.  Amazing, right?!! It was a dream job come true. After it aired on television, and I had my moment of fame, I knew this was where I wanted to be. It’s been an unforgettable and incredible ride and it just keeps getting better!

I have always said, If you want to know your future, create it, and that’s what I did. The rest is history.
— Kate


Lauren is the business assistant for Kate McKay Designs.  she resides in annapolis, maryland with her husband, Mark, and her two children, Maddison and Hailey.

My mom always says that life has a way of pushing you where you need to be. I guess it’s her way of telling me to be patient… which I’m not very good at. I'm a mother of two beautiful little girls and I have a fulfilling full-time career. Between juggling work, school, activities, and life in general, I always knew my next goal would be to tap into my creative roots. Enter, the parents waiting room gymnastics class. 

Thirty minutes into an effortless conversation with a perfect stranger, I found myself pleasantly creeped out by the bizarre similarities and common background Katie and I had. The list could honestly go on and on. Barre class, dinners, coffee and more time in the gymnastics waiting area quickly turned into me tagging along to source for clients, rummaging for vintage treasures and assisting with company growth. Before I was officially asked to be a business developer for Kate McKay Designs, Katie said to me, “I love having you help but I just can’t figure out why you do it even though you aren’t gaining anything from it”. My answer, “I love it and I also think you really have something special with your company and I want to be a part of it”. 

What happened next was completely unexpected and very thrilling… I was given the opportunity to support a company that I truly believe in. The future is exciting and inspiring. There’s really no other way to say it. How did I get so lucky to fulfill my creative side, but also work for such an amazing company? Because, life has a way of pushing you where you need to be.